Psychosocial support and strengthening resilience of children (and community) in the aftermath of disaster.

[Speaker] Zachra, Siti Fatimah:1
1:none (Indonesia)

Indonesia is located in the ring of fire and therefore very prone to disasters. My strong passion for psychosocial has brought me to different areas in Indonesia hit by disasters, including Aceh, when 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit in December 2004. In my psychosocial work with the INGO I joined there, we aimed at strengthening school children's resilience through Psycho-Social Structured Activities (PSSA) that involved drama, movement, music and art. Teachers and parental support group activities were added to generate the maximum impact. I was then given an opportunity by Plan Japan to provide advice on appropriate psychosocial care after 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Part of the activities was to equip teachers, social workers and NPO staffs with post-disaster information, how to deal with their behavior changes and children's, and to look after themselves. In the presentation I will share experience and lesson learned from both countries.
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