Writing a PhD in career counseling: Methodological thoughts

[Speaker] Masdonati, Jonas:1
[Co-author] Rossier, Jérôme:1, Maggiori, Christian:1
1:University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

Research questions in career counseling compel researchers to opt for methodologies that are suited to give appropriate, satisfying answers to practitioners. This often leads to the need to combine qualitative and quantitative methodologies. However, the adoption of mixed methods in career counseling is still embryonic. Two examples are presented in order to show how mixed methods might contribute to exhaustively address career counseling issues and to provide concrete answers to career intervention questions. The first shows the effectiveness of career counseling, as well as the types of careers that clients experience after counseling. The second illustrates how young adults express their work values and assesses their evolution during the transition to work. These examples aim at stressing the need to train PhD students to the systematic integration of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, in order to be able to give answers to the complex questions emerging from the field.
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