Cross-cultural development of assessment tools

[Speaker] Kurz, Rainer H:1
1:Cubiks (United Kingdom)

This session reviews experiences in the development of world-leading assessment tools across three test publishers over 25 years. The paper highlights how the emphasis has shifted from 'local adaptation' with substantial differences in item content and scoring keys to the contemporary approach where universally applicable tools are developed and deployed. The cross-cultural development of the PAPI 3 version of the well-established Personality and Preference Inventory included a NEO construct-validation across 5 languages (N=1186) and a criterion-related validation study (N=929) with at least 2 reviewers across 10 languages. It culminated in the development of a universally applicable 'Professional & Managerial' usage based norm (N=12,978) across 13 languages. For Logiks General internationally applicable verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning items were developed and co-standardised resulting in a 'Professional & Managerial' usage norm (N=16,855) across 9 languages.
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