Traditional psychopathological models revisited: A network analytic approach to MMPI-2 restructured clinical scale items.

[Speaker] Van Der Heijden, Paul T:1,2
[Co-author] Egger, Jos I.m:1,4, Rossi, Gina M.p:3
1:Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands), 2:Reinier van Arkel Mental Health Institute (Netherlands), 3:VUB (Belgium), 4:Vincent van Gogh Mental Health Institute (Netherlands)

In search for structural valid models of psychopathology, research has focused primarily on latent constructs as typically represented by the internalizing, externalizing and psychotic spectra underlying existing conceptualizations of psychopathology. However, several studies suggest that latent variable models are not the proper 'psychometric lens' to reveal comorbidity patterns in existing nosologies. For example, Cramer, Waldorp, Van der Maas & Borsboom (2010) propose a network approach to symptoms of psychopathology which seems a promising technique to uncover causal relations between symptoms and elucidate the way they tend to naturally group into disorders. In the current study a network analytic approach is used on the items of the MMPI-2 RC-scales in a large sample of psychiatric outpatients (N = 5000). The way symptoms connect to each other within and between dimensions of psychopathology is described. Clinical and theoretical inferences are made and discussed against the background of current etiological and psychopathological notions.
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