A Study on Counseling Skills - Are they culturally different?

[Speaker] Fukuhara, Machiko:1
1:Tokiwa University (Japan)

The purpose of this study is to investigate the rationale and appropriateness of counseling skills introduced and applied in Japan, and their influence on the Japanese people and culture.
Counseling services have been widely accepted in the United States, as well as in Japan, the host country. Provided that the purpose of counseling is to help people become aware of their potential for self-actualization towards well-being, counseling services for most people would work effectively. However, in a cross-cultural study conducted earlier by this author, it was found that there are similarities and differences among individuals receiving counseling which might affect these services. How can we apply this information for a more effective use of counseling skills? In order to investigate this question, a psycho-physiological experiment was carried out on individuals from different occupational groups in Japan. The results will be discussed from both individual and cultural viewpoints.
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