Minority Research in Japanese Social Psychology

[Speaker] Htun, Tin Tin:1
1:Temple University Japan Campus (Japan)

The lack of psychological research on minorities in Japan highlights the need for mainstream Japanese social psychology to critically re-examine prevalent ideologies in psychological research, particularly in terms of social psychology's contribution to society and groups that are marginalized in Japanese society. The striking absence of research on minority groups in Japan from a social psychological perspective has had a marked impact on social psychology's contribution in understanding intergroup relationships between Japanese and minority groups My research on the social identities of long-established minority groups - Ainu, Buraku, and Korean residents - explores the complex nature of in-group and out-group relationships in Japan through the subjective representations of the social realities of minority individuals. More broadly, exploring the diverse and complex nature of the subjective representations of disadvantaged minority groups challenges the implicit notions of homogeneity, race and ethnicity that mainstream social psychology in Japan tends to accept without question.
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