Contributed Symposium

Visual recognition of Shitsukan

[Speaker] Nishida, Shin'ya:1
1:NTT Communication Science Labs (Japan)

Recognition of Shitsukan is a marvellous ability of human's brain to read out the nature of objects. We obtain indispensable information for our living from Shitsukan sensed through multiple modalities. Shitsukan plays important roles not only in perception, but also in value-based behaviour selection and body motor control. How our brain reads out Shitsukan from complex high-dimensional source information embedded in sensory signals is a hard but critical research question for scientific understanding of human sensory processing and advancement of information technologies. In my talk, I will review recent studies on Shitsukan perception mainly carried out in our lab, including a computational theory to estimate surface reflectance properties in parallel with shape estimation, visual perception of liquid viscosity, scene wetness and texture fineness, integration of Shitsukan information across sensory modalities, and manipulation of visual appearance of real objects by projection mapping.
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