Natural Science for Gods, Human Science for Mortals.

[Speaker] Sakairi, Yosuke:1
1:University of Tsukuba (Japan)

The main purpose of basic natural sciences is to verify mechanisms of universal laws. However, systems of natural sciences do not always apply to human sciences. The aim of applied human sciences is to fulfil human needs by optimizing outcomes. Because the purposes are different, it is necessary to develop new methods for human sciences to replace the current use of natural sciences, by prioritizing the improvement of end outcomes based on individual differences over the verification of general mechanisms. An indispensable element of this new research paradigm would be selecting "comprehensive parameters" to better predict targeted end outcomes in real-world settings, where individual differences are important. Momentary psycho-physiological states that are responsive to evaluation using the Diagram of Mood States could be used as a predictive parameter. It is also proposed that such studies utilize not only subjective psychological indices, but also objective physiological and behavioral indices.
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