Handover process at a psychotherapy - Psychological state of therapist on handover process-

[Speaker] Watanabe, Tomoyuki:1
1:Mejiro University Psychological Counseling Center (Japan)

Handover is process of take over the client to the succesor as Therapist in psychotherapy. This report is Case study of Handover process at a psychotherapy. We are here concerned with Thrapists' Psychological state on Handover process.
Discussion: Handover is process of farewell and meeting. The predecessor, there was Guilty feeling and Loneliness. The succesor had a lot of pressure. These feelings seems to be influenced by the therapist Attributes. As an example, Carrier, Clinical competence, Orientation of schools and techniques in psychotherapy, Gender.
In handover process, Case information, Mitate; vision, therapy of policy becomes the center of discussion. In addition, we must treat Mixed feelings lurking in the inner bounds of the therapist.
Key Words: Handover, Predecessor, Succesor, Psychological state
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