Handover process in animal-assisted psychotherapy

[Speaker] Utsumi, Yurika:1
1:Graduate School of Psychology, Fukushima College (Japan)

I engage in animal-assisted psychotherapy at psychiatry clinic with dogs. I would like to speak about three types of handover. First is to change, according to advance in therapy, from client-dog-therapist relations to client-therapist relation. Though therapist, in client-dog-therapist relations, controls and involves the dog in therapeutic relations with client, therapist, in absence of dog, is instrumental in therapy directly. Second handover is to change one dog to another because of therapeutic advance or some circumstances. New dog is selected depending on assessment and aim of treatment. Third is change from old dog-therapist to new dog-therapist or one from old dog-therapist to new therapist alone. I think that, handover in animal-assisted therapy contains the standpoints about client-dog, client-therapist, therapist-dog and whole relations. Handover is derived not from the intention of dog but from the assessment by therapist. I guess it is useful to compare between usual and animal-assisted ones.
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