Spirituality and cancer rehabilitation: Role of spiritual orientation and demographic characteristics in the quality of life of head and neck cancer patients

[Speaker] Arya, Yogesh K:1
[Co-author] Singh, Ravindra:1, Singh, Tushar:1
1:Banaras Hindu University (India)

Spiritual beliefs are shown to be strongly related with the quality of life of individuals suffering from diseases. It is believed that spirituality interacts with biological, psychological and social aspects of life which facilitate the quick recovery and improves the quality of life of patients. The present study investigated if the spiritual orientation and demographic factors predict the quality of life of head and neck cancer patients. Fifty participants responded to self-report measures of spiritual orientations and general and disease specific quality of life. Treatment details and other demographic information of these participants were also obtained. Results revealed significant positive correlations between spirituality and general as well as the disease-specific quality of life. Further, disease severity and gender were also found to be associated with quality of life of the patients. Overall, findings suggest that spirituality is an important factor for better quality of life and effective rehabilitation of patients.
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