Health support for international students

[Speaker] Kojima, Nanae:1
1:Hiroshima University (Japan)

Students who study abroad tend to have high expectations for their host country and universities, and are very motivated for their new experiences. However, in many cases, their experiences differ in many ways from what they have expected leading to maladjustment which may lead to mental health problems such as depression and insomnia. In Japan, many institutions on campus support international students with problems they may face in their new environment very different from their home culture. The Health Service Center is one of these institutions where physical and mental/psychological care is offered to the international students. Example of services provided are annual health checkups, first aid, treatment, consultations, and counseling. In this presentation, support given by a counselor (clinical psychologist) at the Health Service Center will be discussed along with difficulties international students face due to the unique culture and policies of Japan.
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