Problems faced by international students: Including one's autobiography

[Speaker] Huang, Zhengguo:1
1:Hiroshima University (Japan)

The opportunity to study in another country has many benefits. Students can have experiences that broaden their understanding and raise life skills that enhance their future development. However, international study can involve considerable struggle, beyond the difficulties of language problems. To support acculturation of international students, we would have to understand one's questions and problems from the perspective of his/her historical being. In many cases, the suffering of a subject may only be understood as part of a unique story, and that story needs both space and time to be told. In this presentation, the results of a questionnaire on international students' distress will be introduced. Moreover, a personal experience of international study in Japan will be shared to discuss the process of transitional experience. There were some suggestions that, if there is enough support and resilience, international study can become a wonderful journey of discovery.
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