Transitioning into Adulthood: Striking a Balance between Support and Independence

[Speaker] Schneider, Barbara:1
[Co-author] Klager, Christopher:1, Chen, I-chien:1, Burns, Jason:1
1:Michigan State University (United States of America)

The transition to adulthood is not easily marked by specific life events such as completing school, getting married, or having children. Variations in timing and the economic and social pressures associated with the traditional signs of adulthood make young people's decisions about their futures complex and uncertain. Experiences vary by gender, race, and ethnicity and by social, economic, family, and community resources. Rather than trying to define what adulthood is, institutions such as school and colleges should focus on customizing programs to meet the unique needs of specific populations. Better support systems should focus on the social and emotional needs of young people, to help them plan and execute a successful life course. Promising programs should be studied with more attention to the science of implementation and improvement.
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