Examining Mental Strain of Group Home Care Providers in Working with People with Mental Disorders

[Speaker] Baba, Ayako:1
[Co-author] Takahashi, Miho:1
1:the University of Tokyo (Japan)

Japan's aging society not only affects general welfare but also that of people with mental disorders through aspects such as the shortage of care providers and the immature welfare system. In many regions in Japan, mental health care workers are overworked and frequently burn out. In this study, we focused on the mental strain felt by group home staff. We investigated the composition and causes of their mental strain, as well as patterns of their approach to cope with it. Using a grounded theory analysis (GTA) approach, we analyzed data obtained from unstructured group interviews with staff, clients, and families, and identified specific dilemmas felt by the staff as well as inherent issues within the welfare system. The study calls attention to the needs of mental health care workers, and paves a way for new opportunities for clinical psychologists to get involved to address these concerns.
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