An on-line survey of factors enhancing sports-harassment by coaches in community based junior sport clubs in Japan:

[Speaker] Togo, Etsuko:1
[Co-author] Iume, Yumiko:1, Kawata, Yujiro:2, Ohashi, Megumi M:1
1:Tokyo Future University (Japan), 2:Juntendo University (Japan)

Sports occupy an important place in the life of elementary school children. However, at times, coaches place importance on winning to such an extent that they harass players by hitting, yelling out loud, and kicking them, even in front of other players. Factors that lead coaches in community based junior sports clubs to engage in sports-harassment were investigated. We inquired 456 coaches regarding the degree to which they have harassed children. Moreover, we assessed their motivation for coaching, self-esteem, life-satisfaction, position in their teams, level of their teams, experience as coaches, certifications, and coaching methods, among others and examined relationships among these variables. A multiple-regression analysis indicated that coaches who are less confident and feel more stress tend to harass more often. In addition, the level of the team and the burden they felt, also affected coaches whitout own children in the team they were coaching.
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