Comparison of Personality Traits in Breast and Lymphoma Cancer Patients with Healthy People

[Speaker] Tahernia, Taha:1
[Co-author] Porghove, Masoud:2
1:Social Security Organization (Iran), 2:Mashhad Central Prison (Iran)

Introduction: The aim of this study was comparison of personality traits in breast cancer and lymphoma patients with healthy people.
Methods: 90 patients with breast cancer and lymphoma who referred to Reza cancer center and oncology clinics, aged 18-50 years and at least secondary school education, enrolled in this study. Demographic data was registered and short form of NEO - Five factor Inventory was completed.
Results: 93/3% of case and 85/5% of control groups were women. Mean age of two groups were 41/9 ±7/5 and 39/7±7/5 years respectively. There was no significant difference between two groups considering age, sex, education, job and economic status.
Neuroticism and agreeableness showed no significant difference between 2 groups.
Conclusion: Informing all of the society especially high risk people about negative emotions which may associate with malignancy and other diseases may be helpful in preventing such diseases.

Personality Trait; Cancer; NEO five factor inventory
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