The Mechanism Behind Mindfulness and School Stress Reduction

[Speaker] Iijima, Yuya:1
[Co-author] Matsuno, Kodai:1, Miyazaki, Kyuichi:2, Nedate, Kaneo:2
1:Graduated School of Human Sciences, Waseda University (Japan), 2:Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University (Japan)

Research suggests that school stress contributes to maladjusted behavior in junior high school students, including non-attendance, bullying, and violence. Studies show that mindfulness training can reduce school stress, though the mechanism behind this relationship is not yet clear. This study investigated this mechanism by focusing on the relationship among mindful tendency, coping style, and reasons for selecting coping (RSC). A questionnaire survey was administered to 170 junior high school students and the responses were analyzed using a correlation analysis and a three-way ANOVA; stress reaction served as a dependent variable, and mindful tendency (high/low), coping style clusters (problem avoidance/non-problem avoidance/non-coping), and RSC (positive/negative) were the independent variables. Results showed a positive correlation between mindful tendency and positive RSC and indicated that all copings with a positive RSC predicted lower stress reaction than those with a negative RSC. Accordingly, this study suggests that mindfulness reduces school stress through positive RSC.
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