Experiential avoidance and coping strategies on academic stressor among junior high school students preparing for high school examination: A Latent growth curve model.

[Speaker] Ishizu, Kenichiro:1
[Co-author] Shimoda, Yoshiyuki:2, Ohtsuki, Tomu:3
1:University of Toyama (Japan), 2:Saga University (Japan), 3:Waseda University (Japan)

The purpose of the present study was to investigate how experiential avoidance affected the coping style with high school examination stress. With use of short time prospective design of three waves, Japanese junior high school students (9th grade, N=277 with a mean age of 14.81 years and SD 0.41) were requested to complete the questionnaires consist of coping strategies on academic stressor, stress responses and experiential avoidance. Latent growth curve modeling analyses was used to assess the influence of gender and experiential avoidance on the growth of various strategies of academic coping. It was found that the experiential avoidance affected the slope or incept, which mean higher level of experiential avoidance was associated with lower level of effectual coping strategies. It was suggested that intervention to experiential avoidance could be important for adolescence to get over the high school examination stress.
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