The Dimensional Scale of Adolescent Attachment to the Teacher and its Psychometric Properties

[Speaker] Mehdipour Maralani, Farnaz:1,2
[Co-author] Gholamali Lavasani, Masoud:1,2
1:university of tehran (Iran), 2:iran (Iran)

During the past years, several scales regardin attachment measurement and its dimensions in various fields have been introduced. But so far, in the field of adolescent attachment to the teacher, there is not a stand-alone scale to be introduced the hree dimensional scales of adolescence to the teacher. In this study, the sample of paticipants were 493 students (328 female and 165 male). Sets of information which obtained based on study of the main resources about attachment, interviews, and open question answer about attachment to the teacher after summarizing and removing duplicates were also used. Factory Exploratory factor analysis was conducted on 12 items of the scale, and 3 factors of secure attachment, avoidant attachment, and anxious attachment were selected. Then, a confirmatory factor analysis, which confirmed was used in order to fit the model. According to findings, this scale can be suggested for measuring student's attachment to the teacher.
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