Evaluating the Educational Effectiveness of Learning Psychological Supporting Skills at University Through Analysis of Students' Writing

[Speaker] Saito, Mami:1
[Co-author] Da Silva, Dexter:1, Kita, Yasunori:1
1:Keisen University (Japan)

The presenters, aiming to develop students' social and learning skills, planned and introduced lessons on theory and basic practical skills in providing psychological support for others. In class, students experienced various kinds of activities focused on the basic necessary knowledge and mental approach. Successive topics were presented for group discussion. At the end of each class, students filled in a Review Sheet divided into two sections for content and reflection. At the end of the series of classes, the researchers examined the writings from the two aspects of the quantity of writing and its qualitative nature. Even allowing for the differences in class content, the overall quantity of students' writing increased during the course. Qualitatively, students' writing progressed from purely reflective impressions to include opinions and critical comments. Results of a questionnaire showed that they evaluated the overall course very highly and acknowledged noticing a positive change in themselves.
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