Is understanding of pretense related to inhibitory control?: difference between intention understanding and representational manipulation

[Speaker] Kutsuki, Aya:1
1:Kobe Shoin women's university (Japan)

It has been suggested that children's pretense and inhibitory control are related in some way but a very few studies have examined such relation empirically. Preschoolers (N = 31, M age = 57.90, range 41-74 months) participated in the current study and were given a series of pretense understanding and inhibitory control tasks and their parents were also asked to answer a questionnaire about children's self-regulatory behaviors.
Children's pretense understanding was evaluated and yielded two kinds of scores showing: understanding of intention involved in pretense and ability to understand both others' intention and what the object really was. Hypothetically the former represents children's ability to understand others' intention or and the latter while representing intention understanding, also represents manipulation of representations. The current study aimed to seek differential relations between different abilities involved in pretense understanding and kinds of inhibitory control.
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