Effects of relationships and events on face-related feelings: comparison between Japanese and Chinese

[Speaker] Lin, Pingping:1
[Co-author] Maiya, Kiyoshi:1
1:Kobe University (Japan)

This study aimed at investigating into face sharing, having face-related feelings (pride, shame, e. t. c.) when others gain or lose face. In the survey, 53 Japanese students and 107 Chinese students rated the strength of the feelings in different situations, combinations of relationships (self, close friends, parents) and events (scholastic ability, work, dignity). The main effects of relationships and events and the interaction were significant. It was suggested that for both Japanese and Chinese the feelings are higher when they success or fail than when their close friends and parents do, and that parents are thought to feel the feelings more when their children success than when they do, while for Japanese the feeling of losing face is not different between when they fail and when their children fail.
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