The effects of mindful face washing ~the comparison dense foam with non-dense one~

[Speaker] Okabe, Miyuki:1,2
[Co-author] Haitani, Tomosumi:1, Kumano, Hiroaki:3
1:Graduate School of Human Sciences, Waseda Univ. (Japan), 2:Shiseido Global Innovation Center (Japan), 3:Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda Univ. (Japan)

The effects of mindful cosmetic behaviors, including face washing, on the mind and body remain unclear. We examined those effects, using the psychological and physiological measures, and tried to suggest the additional value of cosmetic behaviors. We investigated how the mood and heart rate variability are changed by mindful face washing in which dense or non-dense foams are used. Results showed that mindful face washing using dense foam leads to the reduction of tension, fatigue, depression and anxiety. In addition, although the sympathetic activity became higher three or four minutes after face washing using dense foam, the parasympathetic activity became higher five minute after that. On the other hand, face washing using non-dense foam leads to the opposite trend of sympathetic and parasympathetic activities. These results indicate that face washing, especially using dense foam, have positive effects on the mood and physiological responses.
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