Quantitative evaluation of individuality of aesthetic sensibility

[Speaker] Wakabayashi, Masahiro:1
[Co-author] Kitaguchi, Masatoshi:1, Sato, Hiromichi:1, Naito, Tomoyuki:1
1:Osaka University (Japan)

It is conceivable that impression from an art work consists of common factors among observers and individual factors. In this study, using "sensibility space", we examined the properties of commonality and individuality of aesthetic sensibility of observers. We also investigated distinctiveness of adjective usage among observers by dividing observers into two groups and comparing factor loadings (correlation coefficients between adjectives and latent factors). As a result, we found the existence of two distinctive factors: a factor with high commonality and a factor with high individuality. We also found that there was a significant correlation between some fundamental color statistics and mean factor scores with high commonality. For adjective usage, there was little individuality in this study. Taken together, properties of color perception may play a role for commonality of aesthetic sensibility.
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