Leveraging on Information Communication Technology to foster counseling Practice.

[Speaker] Igbokwe, Uwakwe O:1
[Co-author] Obi, Osorochi P.:1
1:Abia State University, Uturu (Nigeria)

Online counseling practice has the potential to reach individuals who are underserved or receiving no services at all. There is need to explore how the new media and software could be combined to foster coherent and effective guidance interventions. This study surveyed the readiness of counselors in Nigeria to offer online counseling services and the willingness of potential online counseling users to access them. Readiness for Online Counseling Questionnaire (ROCQ) was administered on 500 professional counselors while Online Counseling Accessibility Questionnaire (OCAQ) was administered on 2500 potential users of online counseling across South-East States of Nigeria. Using mean, t test and regression analysis, findings revealed that development of counseling profession and technological and infrastructure development in Nigeria is too low for online counseling among others. The study suggested an integrated training program for developing counselor ICT competencies. Limitations of the study and directions for future research were pointed out.
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