Response to social calls is affected by lesions of nucleus taeniae of the amygdala in Birds

[Speaker] Ikebuchi, Maki:1
[Co-author] Bischof, Hans-joachim:4, Okanoya, Kazuo:1,2,3
1:RIKEN (Japan), 2:JST, ERATO, OKANOYA Emotional Information Project (Japan), 3:University of Tokyo (Japan), 4:University of Bielefeld (Germany)

Birds utter a special call when they were visually separated from conspecifics. This call is referred to as the distance call (DC). When called, birds often respond by uttering DCs'. This is a complex social behaviour involving perceptual identification of the call and selection of the adequate response. It has been suggested that the avian homologue of the mammalian medial amygdala is the nucleus taeniae of the amygdala (TnA). This structure is important for the control of a variety of social and emotional behaviours. Here, we investigated whether it is also involved in the control of emitting DCs using Bengalese finch males with amygdala lesions. The number of DC vocalizations after female DC presentations was counted. Results showed that TnA lesioned birds uttered significantly less DCs. As with other complex social behaviours, TnA may also play an important role in the control of DCs. (Supported by JST-ERATO)
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