Professional orientation as a factor of struggling to the professional ideal

[Speaker] Yertargynkyzy, Dinara:1
[Co-author] Akhmetova, Gulnas:1, Mukasheva, Anar:1, Algozhaeva, Nursulu:1
1:al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)

Abstract: The professional ideal, as a concept, contains social and humanitarian values that are important professionally at a cognitive level and personally at an emotional level. This article describes the professional orientation of this ideal. It initially appears at an emotional level, but then it evolves into vision and belief. In order to determine the relationship between the professional and personal characteristics of the professional ideal, empirical research was carried out on students. The results of this study were compared to a theoretical review of related literature, and from both, individual features of the professional orientation of the professional ideal were determined. It is recommended that system-wide values are taken into account when determining the personal qualities required for the professional success of graduates. To do so will help them find their place in the labor market.
Key words: professional orientation, professional ideal, action.
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