Analysis of Personal Attitude Construct on an Image of Role of Elderly Nurse at Super-aging Society in Japan

[Speaker] Gorai, Kazuko:1
[Co-author] Yamazaki, Mayako:1, Naito, Tetsuo:2
1:Graduate School of Psychology, Fukushima College (Japan), 2:Department of Welfare-Psycology, Fukushima College (Japan)

The aim of this study is to search the role of elderly nurse as working population. We made use of personal attitude construct (PAC) analysis for research. The subject was an elderly nurse. The procedure was as follows; 1) presented the stimulus sentences about an image of role of old elderly nurse at super-aging society in Japan, 2) required to order the cards of association according to importance, 3) instructed to estimate the distance of similarity intuitively, comparing all pairs of cards, 4) Cluster Analysis by Ward was done, 5) asked to describe the image about each cluster, and 6) required to answer single item image (plus, minus or zero). Results cleared characteristics of role of elderly nurse at super-aging society; Clusters are 1) actual conditions of a super-aging society, 2) old elderly nurses have knowledge, skills, attitude for health supervision, and 3) advantage of using old elderly nurse.
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