Specifics in Development of the Legal Consciousness of Law Students

[Speaker] Lukashova, Svetlana:1
[Co-author] Omirzhanov, Yesbol:1, Chongarov, Yerzhan:1, Baigelova, Nurgul:1
1:Suleyman Demirel University (Kazakhstan)

The aim of the study: revealing of the personality components affecting the growth of the legal consciousness level of law students.
Conclusions: there are substantial differences in the personality components affecting the development of the legal consciousness. Such personality components as adaptivity, acceptance of oneself and others, emotional comfort and capability to control one's behavior consciously are the most important conditions for the legal consciousness development.
The legal consciousness is interrelated with other personality components, such as behavior modes in the conflict situations and psychological protection strategy during communication. There is a positive correlation between the selection of such types of conflict resolution as competition and psychological protection, i.e. aggression, cooperation, and peacefulness. The personalities with high legal consciousness tend not to avoid conflicts. There have been found certain gender differences in the personality components which impact the legal consciousness development.
Key words: legal consciousness, positive correlation
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