Exploratory factor analysis study : Relationship of Ambivalence over emotional expressiveness with emotion and personality variables

[Speaker] A-reum, Lee:1
[Co-author] Hwang, Samuel S:1
1:Chonnam National University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

Aim: Our study investigated the psychometric properties of the Ambivalence over Emotional expressiveness Questionnaire (AEQ) and relationships between its factors and emotional and personality variables.

Method: The questionnaire containing the AEQ, Trait Meta-Mood Scale, Mood Awareness Scale, Emotion Expressiveness Questionnaire and Eysenck Personality Questionnaire was completed by 152 Korean undergraduate students. We conducted an exploratory factor analysis of the AEQ and examined the correlations of its factors with other measures.

Results: From the factor analysis of the AEQ, we obtained a four-factor solution with cronbach's alpha ranging from .593 to .850: self-doubt, negative emotion control, masking, and positive emotion control. The factor inter-correlations ranged from .292 to .574. The factors showed different patterns of correlations with emotional and personality variables. Our study delineated the psychometric properties of the AEQ and demonstrated the complex nature of ambivalence in expression of emotion and its relationships with emotional and personality variables.
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