Working with young adults in Higher Educational Settings (Universities)

[Speaker] Keane, Barry P:1
[Co-author] McAteer, Catherine M:1
1:University College London (United Kingdom)

This talk will look at Student Psychological Services in the United Kingdom. We will outline how Psychological or also called Counselling Services are structured and situated within a University Setting, usually as part of other Support Services for students. This paper will discuss the types of presenting issues that students bring to their college Psychological Service and why the severity of these issues has increased over the last five years across the Higher Education sector in the UK. There will be a statistical analysis of this increase in severity of problems amongst university students. It is common that after a psychological assessment a student is offered time-limited counselling usually between four and six sessions and the thinking behind this will be explored. Suicide ideation has been increasing amongst students and we will explore how Universities manage this with a focus on the work at University College London's Student Psychological Service.
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