Psychological features of professional qualities formation in pilots.

[Speaker] Mukeyeva, Karina:1
[Co-author] Munaidarova, Bakhyt:2, Zhexembayeva, Zhadra:3, Oilybayeva, Laura:2, Taurbekova, Ainur:3, Abdulkarimova, Glyussya:4, Tlenbayeva, Aisha:5, Naurzalina, Danna:1, Li, Alexina:1
1:Turan University (Kazakhstan), 2:Makhambet Utemisov WKSU (Kazakhstan), 3:ZhSUnamed after I.Zhansugurov (Kazakhstan), 4:Abai KazNPU (Kazakhstan), 5:KazNAU (Kazakhstan)

This study discusses the features of professional formation of military aviation experts in the conditions of military training activities at the Military Institute of Air Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Professionally important qualities (PIQ) are those affecting the work effectiveness with basic characteristics (performance, reliability, etc.). From psychological point of view the most interesting for us are the physiological PIQs, personal and intellectual PIQ. The average age is from 17 to 22 males, 120 people. The study of temperament (Eysenck test) reveals 51% of students are sanguine, 47% are choleric and 2% are melancholic. The leading hemisphere is left in 74% participants (test of functional asymmetry). Tight connection between temperament and functional asymmetry of cerebral hemispheres reveals distinct correlation (.450 **). The dominance of left hemisphere in military pilots is one of the main conditions for effective implementation of their professional skills.
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