Ghosts and angels in the nursery: solving conflicts through relationships in infant- parent psychotherapy

[Speaker] Watanabe, Hisako:1
1:Watanabe Clinic (Japan)

Selma Fraiberg, the pioneer of infant mental health stated, "In every nursery there are ghosts " haunting the mother and yielding symptoms in her baby. Her crisis intervention freed them from ghosts by tapping into their potential for attachment. This paper highlights the efficacy of Fraiberg's infant-parent psychotherapy applied to Japanese cases. By focusing on the mother's projective identification, transgenerational transmission of trauma could be prevented.
Five Japanese cases are retrospectively studied. A video-recorded case of a crying baby will be presented with microanalysis of interaction
Infants' symptoms disappeared within a few sessions in all five cases by revelation of mothers' unvoiced past conflicts. A four- month-old boy's incessant crying stopped when the mother confided her grief of parental loss
The dramatic improvement witnessed in Fraiberg's method clarifies the power of intersubjective encounter in infancy.

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