Test User, Adaptor and Developer Perspectives on the British Psychological Society (BPS), European Federation of Psychologists (EFPA) and the International Test Commission Psychometric Assessment Qualifications and Guidelines

[Speaker] Mcgibbon, Audrey A:1
[Co-author] Kurz, Rainer H:2
1:MEWS EEK & SENSE (Australia), 2:Cubkis (United Kingdom)

TThis study investigated the construct convergence of 8 ability tests on a co-validation sample of N=83 in the wider context of professional test review guidelines. The correlations of four Verbal tests averaged .26 and all remained below the .45 set by the BPS originally for evidence supporting construct convergence. The five Non-verbal tests averaged .42 with only four of the 10 pairs exceeding .45. Some pairings exceeded the r>.45 threshold for construct convergence evidence. Most however fell short of the convergence expected by the EFPA standards which subsequently seem rather unrealistic (with .55 as the lower bound for 'Adequate'evidence). The results raise questions concerning the advances and challenges for quality control encountered in comparing, contrasting and applying the application of a range of occupational testing standards and guidelines as issued by the three leading professional bodies in this field - BPS, EFPA and ITC.
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