Who Feels and Expresses an Emotion? : Rethinking on Self and Consciousness

[Speaker] Takayama, Zenko:1
1:Hiroshima University (Japan)

As already well-known, the concepts of subject and object are to describe only one aspect of human beings. Though we can be both "self-as-subject" and "self-as-object," those concepts do not describe us since each concept indicates only one aspect. We, actual beings, cannot be reduced to either. In this presentation, I will rethink the "self" from the viewpoint of Nishida Kitaro, a pioneer of Japanese philosophy. With the non-religious description on the state of unity of subject and object in A Study of Good, he tried to demonstrate the concrete state of actual beings which is not reducible to either concept. Further, because "consciousness" is not working in the concept of self-as-subject, the image of "subject's consciousness" is incorrect. It must be of actual beings. For this, his thought will also help to apprehend the concrete state of consciousness working in the actual beings.
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