Age Difference in the Influence of Negative Emotions on Social Decision Making:The Role of Emotion Regulation

[Speaker] Ju, Chengting:1
[Co-author] You, Xuqun:1, Zhang, Baoshan:1
1:Shaanxi Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Do negative emotions influence social decision making differently in senior adults than in young people? The results of this study showed that, unlike young adults, decision making among older adults was not biased by negative emotions; they made similar choices in both negative and neutral conditions. In addition, older adults predominantly used a reappraisal strategy in both negative and neutral conditions, whereas young adults did not show a strong reappraisal ability in negative conditions. Moreover, the age differences in decision making were eliminated when emotion regulation strategy between the older and young adults were controlled by instructions. Our findings thus indicated that the impact of negative emotions on social decision making differs between older and young adults and such differences can be explained by differences in their emotion regulation processes.
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