Communication pattern and life style of deaf people in Bengkala Village, Bali-Indonesia

[Speaker] Wulanyani, Swasti:1
1:Udayana university (Indonesia)

Bengkala is a small village in Singaraja, Bali province, Indonesia. There were 50 deaf people in this village. In Balinese, they called Kolok. The causes of deafness are not clear until now. Some scientists assummed it was genetics, but some people believe its because of curse. This qualitative study focused on communication pattern and life style of Kolok's. They have unique sign language that create by themselves. One of interesting fact is that all Bengkala people can understand and even prefer to use this sign language although not all of them are Kolok people. Data collected by observation, and interview to Kolok and the key persons. The results in this study are the list of sign language vocabulary and description of their unique life styles.

Keywords: communication, life style, deaf, Bengkala
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