Positive socialization of young people: problems and modern technologies for their solutions

[Speaker] Volkova, Irina:1
[Co-author] Skitnevskaya, Larisa:4, Volkova, Elena:2, Tsvetkova, Larisa:2, Vereitinova, Tatiana:3, Dmitrieva, Victoria:2
1:Psychological Institute of Russian Academy of Education (Russia), 2:Saint Petersburg State University (Russia), 3:Sceintific Foundation Antonio Meneghetti (Russia), 4:Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University (Russia)

The development of today's youth takes place in the turbulent social and economic environment. Delayed social maturity, social infantilism, learned helplessness, emotional numbness and detachment are the social phenomena that represent dysfunction of socialization of youth.
We have developed a social and educational project based on the principles of ontopsychological pedagogy in several BRICS countries, which can be introduced as one of the technologies of positive socialization of youth. Project aims at developing subject's responsibility, creativity, will for self-realization and becoming protagonist of one's own life, managing it with seriousness and dignity and thereby contribute to development of society. The favorable environment and developing practical skills along with the personal development are key factors for revealing and developing potential abilities of young people. There were obtained the data reflecting the personal and social achievements of young people involved in the project, and identified conditions and psychological mechanisms of youth socialization.
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