Chinese indigenous psychology and its features

[Speaker] Wang, Xinjian:1
[Co-author] Xu, Zhe:1, Zhang, Yao:1
1:Nankai University (China (People's Republic of China))

Chinese indigenous psychology is not scientific psychology, but psychology in form of commonsense or philosophy. Based on Chinese nationality's characteristic understanding of psychological phenomena, it is a result of "layer-by-layer sedimentation". It does not mean to find scientific laws; its aim, however, is to give help to the secular life. Its ultimate meaning lies in the realm of ethics: seemingly descriptive, it is actually a set of moral prescriptions. Without goal directedness, it is a kind of meditation rather than problem solving. Chinese indigenous psychology cannot evolve into scientific psychology; it can only supply some materials for the indigenisation of the latter. It is unnecessary, and probably unhelpful, for Chinese psychologists to try to rescue as many materials as possible from Chinese indigenous psychology.
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