Indigenous Psychologies A Meta-Analysis of an emerging field

[Speaker] Nikora, Linda Waimarie:1
[Co-author] Waitoki, Waikaremoana:1, Masters, Bridgette:1, Rua, Mohi:1
1:University of Waikato (New Zealand)

We performed a systematic review and meta analysis of literature in the emergent field of indigenous psychologies to understand the totality of the field, that is, to determine its scope, foci, methodological and theoretical advancement and to consider future directions. We identified 181 papers published between 1979-2015. Our data set included 'journal articles' (n=132), 'handbook entries' (n=8), 'book sections' (n=17), 'book reviews' (11), 'editorials and introductions' (n=9), and 'commentaries and replies' (n=4). In this paper, the authors will present the results of this study with a particular emphasis on future directions and engagement with Fourth World indigenous peoples. Given their minority status and challenges faced enacting life in the presence of a dominant majority that is biased towards the discipline of western world psychology, the emergence of an indigenous psychology is complex, urgent and political.
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