An Exploration of the Self as an Applied Conceptual Paradigm in Psychology

[Speaker] Robertson, Lloyd H:1
1:Athabasca University, Canada (Canada)

The root of such concepts as self-esteem, self-concept, and self-efficacy has been described as a self-referencing cognitive structure. With consideration given genetic and environmental factors, this cognitivist understanding is presented as a product of cultural evolution with implications for determinism and free will. Graphic illustrations of the self are presented taken from original qualitative research and from case studies. Therapeutic implications of this method of mapping the self are discussed. It is proposed that graphic representations depicting cognitive self-structures combined with psychological and environmental determinants could benefit counsellors and their clients in planning transformative change. Further research is recommended exploring the effect of self-mapping on client empowerment, the structure of client selves, and the use of mapped cognitive pathways in treatment.
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