States of being and modes of acting-in-the-world: An extension of Heidegger's terminologies via an exploration of marathon runners

[Speaker] Imamichi, Tomoaki D:1
1:City University of New York/LaGuardia Community College (United States of America)

This project proposes an extension of Heidegger's terminologies (Zuhanden (ready-to-hand) and Vorhanden (present-at-hand)), which have been developed via the exploration of marathon runners focusing on the dynamics of the self-body-environment relations. As marathon runners undergo several transformations in training over the course of months while cultivating their bodies, and in the race over the course of hours while spending their bodies, they can provide insights into various self-body-environment relationships or states of being and modes of doing in the world. An in-depth interview with 27 recreational marathon runners about their marathon experience led to a construct of additional Heidegger inspired terminologies describing more nuanced self-body-environment relations: Unvorhanden (not-at-hand), Abhanden (no-longer-at-hand), and Wiedervorhanden (at-hand-again). These terminologies can be applied to various contexts beyond the marathon.
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