How can psychology become the center of human sciences: overcoming the crisis and finding a new paradigm.

[Speaker] Suleimanian, Andranik:1
1:Moscow state University of Psychology and Education (Russia)

The chronic crisis in psychology leads to unreasonable increase models of personality and one-sided study of abstract human being. The new paradigm is based on the combination of science, art, philosophy. This will solve global problems of humankind, having psychological rather than economic and political reasons. Art is the most suitable for ideographic approach: in-depth study of personality, the comprehension of the national character and image of the world of other cultures. Philosophy will make it possible to solve difficult methodological problems of psychology: the psychophysical problem, the influence of the "cultural-historical type" on science and other of activities, the mission of psychologists in the modern world. All religions have accumulated unique material about the spiritual side of life that needs to be introduced in scientific use for solving the existential problems. The new paradigm must be transdisciplinary and psychology must go beyond its limits to effect a new synthesis.
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