Big Five Manga: A non-verbal pathway to personality?

[Speaker] Roos, John Magnus:1,2,3,4
[Co-author] Kajonius, Petri J.:3,5,6
1:University of Gothenburg, Centre for Consumer Science (Sweden), 2:University of Borås, Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business (Sweden), 3:University of Skövde, School of Health and Education (Sweden), 4:Veryday (Sweden), 5:University West, Department of Behavioral and Social Studies (Sweden), 6:University of Gothenburg, Department of Psychology (Sweden)

This paper describes a non-verbal personality assessment. Our ambition is to create cartoon-like characters that are representing the diversity in humanity. The characters are free from physical and constructed objects, such as clothes and hairstyles, in order to cover unisexual and multicultural aspects. In the development process, we have combined the five-factor model of personality with knowledge about body languages and facial expressions (Roos, Nilsson & Wheatley, 2013). Different versions of the characters have been tested in several pilot studies and continuously improved by graphic designers at Veryday, an international top-ranking design and innovation agency. Unlike existing personality assessments, this assessment is primary developed for interview settings and combines the participant´s perceived personality and ideal personality rather than only focusing on the participant´s self-estimation of his/her perceived personality. The assessment generates unique and individual specific insights on who the person is and who the person would like to be.
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