A Theoretical Consideration on Abstraction and Concretization from a Phenomenological Psychological and Educational Perspective

[Speaker] Yoshida, Akihiro:1
1:The University of Tokyo, Professor Emeritus (Japan)

The activities and processes of Abstraction and Concretization (A&C) permeate not only everyday human life but also Practicing and Researching/Theorizing (PaRT) in psychology and education. However, their meanings and the structures are yet to be explicated more deeply and richly by Psychology to enhance the qualities of self-understanding of PaRT. Diverse insights have been offered. This study attempts to summarize and hopefully synthesize those insights in the Spirit of Phenomenology: "Zu den Sachen selbst". The theme A&C itself is indeed an abstract one, which urges us to take up as many concrete examples as possible, while simultaneously abstracting essential insights from the examples. Among the subthemes on A&C are: the "Intentional Structure", the Passive and the Active, the contrasting views on the nature of "Essence", the Hierarchical Structure, the Relativity and Complementarity of A&C, the Analogy/Metaphor, the A&C in Cognition/Communication, the "Category Theory" in Mathematics for explicating the A&C.
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