The relationship between GDP and national creativity under the dark clouds of power distance culture

[Speaker] Sheng, Mingming:1
[Co-author] Chen, Hao:1, Lai, Kaisheng:1, Yue, Guo-an:1
1:Nankai University (China (People's Republic of China))

Previous study found that power distance, a key dimension of culture, has negative effect on creativity. This paper aimed to investigate whether the strength of associations between GDP per capita and national creativity depended on power distance. Based on the data from 91 countries, we employed regression models to analyze the moderating effect of power distance on the relationship between GDP per capita and creativity. Results indicated that, consistent with previous studies about the relationship between culture and creativity, there is a significant negative correlation between power distance and creativity after controlling the GDP per capita. What's more, power distance significantly negatively moderates the influence of GDP per capita on promoting creativity. This finding suggests that power distance can significantly weaken the promoting effect of GDP per capita on creativity, which is of significant value for understanding the influence of power distance and policy-making decisions for improving national creativity.
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