The Relationship among Five-pattern Personality, Constitution and Psychological Health in Chinese Medicine

[Speaker] Du, Jian:1
[Co-author] Wang, Hao:1, Yang, Qiuli:1
1:China Academy of Chinese Medical Science (China (People's Republic of China))

Traditional Chinese culture attaches importance to harmonious in society and nature. There are a lot of thoughts in Yellow Emperor's Medical Canon about personality, constitution and psychological health. Based on these, we established two inventories about the personality and constitution, named Five-pattern Personality Inventory(FPPI), Five-five Constitution Test(FFCT). In this research ,our purpose is providing the evidence for the TCM theory "integration of shape and spirit", by analyzing the correlation among personality, constitution and mental health, using the scales of FPPI, FFCT and SCL-90,from the data of college students. The results show that 13 kinds of constitution types can be summed up to 4 factors, Taiyin personality has the strongest positive effect on the total score of psychological symptoms, normal constitution has the strongest negative effect. We found that constitution couldn't be ignored on the effect on personality. In the process that constitution affects psychological symptoms, personality is a moderating effect.
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