Psychological well-being and attitudes toward lifetime in connection with past traumatic experience in adulthood

[Speaker] Troshikhina, Evgenia G:1
[Co-author] Koltunova, Anna V:1
1:Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia)

The objective of this study was to investigate the perception of traumatic life events by adults in connection with their psychological well-being and attitudes toward lifetime periods.
Methods used were: Scales of Psychological well-being (Ryff), The Time Attitude Scale with five components (Vasserman), the Linköping questionnaire (LYLES) to measure traumatic life events. The study involved 58 adults (22-50 years) from Saint-Petersburg.
The results show that adults with high psychological well-being perceive the personal present time as an active and the future time as full of possibilities. They noted a significant number of traumatic events in their lives, such as accidents and fires, but these events did not reduce their psychological well-being, but on the contrary, increased it. They perceive this kind of event as the challenges and overcoming such leads to greater psychological well-being and vitality. And therefore, it may lead to even more traumatic events in their lives.
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