The Effectiveness of a Group Parent Training Program for Culturally Diverse Families

[Speaker] Fu, Trista Juhsin:1
[Co-author] Yu, Chian Ya:1
1:National Chengchi University (Taiwan)

The ACT Raising Safe kids Program is a parent training program that aims to prevent child maltreatment and promote positive parenting practices. Cultural competence is a primary objective in the training of ACT facilitators. The ACT program has been implemented in diverse communities in the U.S. and other countries, such as Greece, Brazil, and Japan, and demonstrated promising efficacy. The present study further evaluated the effectiveness of the ACT program in a group of Chinese/Taiwanese family. Thirty two parents, representing children ages 4-10, were recruited for the study. Sixteen of them were trained in ACT program and the rest were placed on the wait-list served as a control group. The findings indicated that the ACT program achieved positive results in effective parenting knowledge, attitudes, and behavior, observable both at the end of the 8-week ACT program and at three-month follow up. The cultural adaptations were also discussed in this paper.
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